Toothless in 221B


        ` if what we had was real,

                  how could you be fine?

                         cus i’m not fine at all


They were forever—that’s what everyone told them and that’s what they always believed. They’d been friends for as long as they could remember, and dating since their junior year in high school. Their relationship was never a question—just the answer. They loved each other, and there was never any doubt. And they had huge plans, the biggest of dreams for after high school—they were going to conquer the world together.

But then something happened—Muse A got pregnant. And she got scared. She knew that he loved her, and that he’d help her take care of the baby even if it meant missing out on his dreams but she couldn’t do that to him. She couldn’t keep him trapped when he had the whole world at the tips of his fingers. She didn’t want to destroy his life so she ran.

She said her goodbyes and broke it off, claiming she’d found somebody else and that she was going to be with him. She begged him not to fight. She begged him not to look for her. And she disappeared and didn’t look back.

It wasn’t until two and a half years later that Muse A must come back home with the death of a relative, expecting Muse B to be long gone, making something of himself. She’s alone except for their child—she never seemed to be able to make it work with anyone else, not like she did with Muse B. And then she’s at their old favorite coffee shop, child place firmly on her hip, that she runs into him again and all her lies catch up to her


Teaching Me Love AU:

Muse A is a high school student in their senior year. They have a major best friend that they tell everything to, but even with the awesome best friend, they feel that senior year is going to be pretty dull. On the first day of school, Muse A meets Muse B, their hot English teacher. Muse A is instantly attracted figuring that just staring at their new teacher might make their final year more interesting. As the year progresses, Muse B starts to fall for Muse A liking their potential and maturity. Muse B stays late after school helping Muse A with a project when suddenly, Muse A kisses Muse B. At first, Muse B refuses to acknowledge their feelings knowing it would be wrong since their Muse A’s teacher. But soon they give in and start a secret relationship with Muse B.

Plot Twist 1: Muse A’s friend finds out and blabs to the principal about Muse A and Muse B’s relationship.

Plot Twist 2: Muse A and Muse B are the same gender and become a same sex couple.

Plot Twist 3: Muse A or Muse B (depending on who is the female) becomes pregnant with the other muse’s child.


Until I See Your Face Again: (The Hurt Locker is the inspiration here)

Muse A and Muse B are planning to get married, but Muse B is in the Army and has one more tour of duty in Afghanistan. They part ways, tearfully, knowing that in one year Muse B will be home again. Muse B is a bomb tech and spends their days and nights defusing bombs and having nightmares about bodies blown to bits when they don’t get the bombs defused in time. Muse A worries about Muse B while staying back home and planning their wedding. Muse A keeps working and trying to do everything normally while cringing every time they hear the gravel in the driveway crunch under tires. Would it be men in uniform coming to tell Muse A the Muse B has died over there? They Skype and write letters all through his tour. Every time Muse B is out of communication, Muse A spends in a panic. Until a year later, Muse B is home, and they reunite. 

*Twist one: Muse A finds out she is pregnant while Muse B is gone.

*Twist two: Muse B dies while defusing a bomb in Afghanistan

*Twist three: Muse A and Muse B deal with Muse B coming home with a healthy dose of PTSD.


                              The Purge AU: 
                                   For one night all crime is legal….”

Muse A  has never enjoyed the night of The Purge, while Muse B on the other hand has enjoy the night of The Purge every year when it rolls around. On the night of The Purge Muse A is out when the announcement rolls out that The Purge has begun. While Muse A tries to get home as quick as they can, they get caught up in Muse B’s crossfire. Muse B sees Muse A panicking in the middle of the street and decides to help save them —— in return Muse B asks Muse A to help them in The Purge. 

Made By: justabitcrazyloves


Dydia AU - the witch & her werewolf familiar (x)

"His witch had finally arrived."

if you don’t sob over it i dun understand you

Dydia AU: Derek suddenly remembers about Lydia staying with him in the clinic and that memory leads to a friendship between them that slowly turns into something more intense.


Dydia (future) AU - in which Derek and Lydia discover unforseen they’ll have their first child.

Having a child is momentous. It is to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body.”